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Nicholas E. Limansky
About the Author
Nicholas E. Limansky studied voice at the Preparatory Department of Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore and has a performance degree from the University of West Virginia.  He has sung with all the major professional choral groups in New York City including The Bach Aria Group, Musica Sacra, New York Choral Artists (NY Philharmonic), Opera Orchestra of New York, The Netherlands Ballet, and Alvin Ailey (Revelations).  A freelance writer, he has written performance reviews for the Italian publication, Rassegna Melodrammatic, and reviews of new vocal releases of historical singers for Opera News, the English magazine, The Record Collector (in existence since 1946), Classical Singer magazine and Opera Quarterly (Oxford University Press). In addition to his writing, during the past 6 years Nick has given nine lectures for the New York Vocal Record Collectors Society. In December of 2004, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Society. His career overview and critical analysis of the 1950s Peruvian singer, Yma Sumac, Yma Sumac: The Art Behind the Legend was published in May of 2008. Because of his work on that book, in 1991 he was asked to take part in the 1992 released, German-made Documentary: Yma Sumac:Hollywood's Inkaprinzessin. Since its publication, he has been asked to give a number of promotional presentations throughout the tri-state area. Called Yma Sumac and Friends the presentation takes a look at a number of famous, and not so famous, exponents of acuto sfogato singing.  He is now working on a second book.

He has an extensive library of live operatic performances, recitals and concerts. His specialty is the acuto-sfogato soprano.